Universal Minerals and Chemicals Co.

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There is no industry uncatered by our minerals.

We are in the forefront in Minerals Trade since the year 1956.”Which item from where, is our expertise,because we have surveyed the sources of minerals in different parts of India.

We provide services to the following industries:

Paint Textiles Rubber Oil
drilling breakliners packing glass
Ceramics Paper Foundries Fluxes
Pesticides Detergents Plastics Chemicals
Cosmetics Waterproofing Compounds many more...

We procure minerals from different sources of the country. After proper grading and grinding we market them to guarantee quality and timely deliveries.

We are also export oriented and our minerals go around the world to cater to the needs of a global clientelle. All export enquiries are well attended by us. Our co-operation is yours; and your goodwill ours.

Our Services

Products we offer:

Asbestos French Chalk P.G. Red oxide
Barytes Graphite Powder (Natural Crystalline Amorphous) Red oxide(Natural)
Blancfixe Graphite Flakes Synthetic Red Oxide
Bentonite Gumsum Slate Powder
Ball Clay Glass Powder Silica Gravel
China Clay (Kaoline) Haematite Powder (Ferric Oxide) Silica Powder
Calcite Mica Powder/Falkes Soap Stone
Calcite Magnesite Magniese dioxide Talcum Powder
Dolomite Pyrophillte Vermiculite
Ditomaccaus Earth(Kesalgur) Plaster of Paris Wollastonite
Feldspar Pesticides and Insecticides Whiting Powder
Fireclay Quartz Yellow Oxide
Zinc Oxide

Our Founders

Shirish Dave

Yogesh Dave

Kulin Dave